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Women’s Ethnic Coord Sets

What are Co-ord sets?

In simple terms, the sets of clothing designed to complement each other are co-ord sets. Many popular Indian ethnic dress combinations are bought as co-ord sets. For example, Salwar-Kameez, Lehenga-choli, and more. In Western Fashion, many skirts and top combos or pants and shirt combos are worn as co-ord sets. These coordinated outfits complement each other using similar fabrics, matching or contrasting color combinations (like Black and White, Red and Blue, Orange and Black, and many more), popular patterns (like stripes, polka dots, checks, floral, etc.), and/or designs that highlight each other's best aspects. 

Here’s Why Ethnic Coord Sets Are Evergreen Buys:

Fashion may change with the changing times, but co-ord sets can never go out of style. Dressing up in matching patterns and colors has always been one of the most basic yet effective styles. With the proliferation of modern trends and clothing choices, the number of options for coordinating different patterns, colors, fabrics for your co-ord outfits and combinations has all gone up. Be it a simple floral print cotton Kurti set for summers or a powdered blue co-ord set for a Sunday outing, matching clothes are your go-to, fast, and efficient fashion mantras.  

In a festive season, co-ord sets are a woman’s best friend. Fast and impactful clothing with the versatility of choice makes ethnic coord sets, no-brainers. 

The contemporary twist in Co-ord sets:

Coordinated clothing has evolved with the times and new fashion trends keep popping up from time to time. Popular amongst fashion bloggers, celebrities and models, experimentation with women’s coords yields new and creative manners to coordinate clothing and make sets.  

With increasing modernization and mingling of cultures, stylish indo-western co-ords for women are gaining a lot of fame. It is not uncommon to see a crop top coord set with an attached dupatta to give it a more traditional look. Modern ethnic Co-ord sets for this festive season are a great option if you are looking to make a statement with Indian clothing.

Perks of owning a coord set:

Fast and Easy clothing: When dealing with sets with matching patterns, matching colors, and matching designs, the time and effort involved with choosing your clothing items and matching them are reduced to zero. This provides you with ample time to spend on the hairdo, makeup, and accessories. For example, all you need is a palazzo suit set for a shopping trip with your friends. Wasting almost no time in choosing, you can be ready to go at a half-hour notice. The same goes for festivals; easy clothing provides you with extra time on your hands for preparations and spending with your family.

Never out of trend: Be it an experimental indo-western coord set mixing lehengas with pants or the classic salwar-kameez combo, one thing is for sure. It will always be in trend. Being evergreen is in the nature of coord sets. From a women’s suit set, you find online to a traditional lehenga set from your trusted brand, you are always assured of being fashionable and trendy while wearing it.

Versatility: Wearing the set together is a natural choice, but doesn’t stop you from using the top and bottom separately. There’s something amazing about recreating new styles from our wardrobe and ramping up our fashion game.