Modern Home, Interior & Decor Items

Modern Home, Interior & Decor Items


      Modern Home, Interior & Decor Items

      Home Decor is what helps you turn an apartment into your home. Providing a personal touch to the aesthetics of your house’s interior design is essential to have a homely ambiance and a comfortable environment to relax in.

      Themes for Home Decor:-

      Defining your entire interior design around one beloved traditional sofa or going with a trendy theme for decoration design, the main objective is to form a mixture of home decor elements that make your house memorable and aesthetically pleasing. To get the creativity going, people look at various options. Skimming through Home Furnishings articles to searching for home decor accessories online. This wayward methodology of research can lead to some mismatch in style, and hence people look instead for themes to adhere to while decorating their personal space. Some of the popular and trendy home decor themes are:-

      • Traditional:- Warm, welcoming, and simple design of furniture. Traditional home decor is all about that. Classic furnishing, elegant wallpaper, beautiful curtain, antique accents all come together to give a warm vibe to your home
      • Bohemian:- The one for the free-spirited eccentrics who are unafraid to get unconventional. Bringing in vibrant colors, patterns, and textures, the Bohemian style proved a lot of creative freedom. Although the style is characterized for being based around wood, crystals, indoor plants, aromas, and fairy lights, there is a lot more to it because of its flexible definitions and boundaries.
      • Rustic:-Natural colors, country designs, and a lot of wood. Rustic home design is going to make your city apartment look like a farmhouse. Throw in some modern furniture and modern art and you have a practical, trendy and exquisite home ready.
      • Minimalistic:- Less is more when it comes to minimalistic design. With efficient usage of space and maximum focus on the essentials, the minimalist design focuses on achieving the maximum effect with the least amount of items. Sleek furniture style, straight line, and right angles in white and grey color can characterize minimalist design well
      • Urban:- A mixture of elements from other home designs, Urban home design is all about the usage of minimum space as it is adopted by cosmopolitan city dwellers with big dreams but small homes. Urban design is all about creativity mixed with practicality. 
      • Nautical:- Love beaches? Feel like feeling the salty sea breeze hit four faces every time you enter your living room?  Nautical home decor is your thing! Based upon blue mixed with shades of white and using home accessories like sand, shells, glass bottles, and jute rope lamps, this is your perfect sea-based theme!

      What constitutes home decor?

      Home decor on its own is a broad term, and it is better to plan your home decor by dividing it up into various accessories and then put it together in a divide and conquer manner rather than buying it all together as a whole design project. So few of the major elements you look for home decor solutions online for revamping the look of your apartment:-

      • Walls:- Walls form the very basis of the look for your house. Being the most dominant feature in your plans, the wall designs alone go a long way in setting the tone. Be it paint designs for your master bedroom painted in a classic harlequin with colors of subtle contrast or an eccentric and loud wallpaper, your walls give a lot of flavor to the environment of your house. To add to the overall background, wall accessories such as wall stickers, wall art(design, patterns, quotes, etc.), shelves, etc. All add to the richness of your walls and give a sense of richness to your decorations, they also help to emphasize the theme and compliment your other home decor accessories. 
      • Furniture:- If the walls set the tone for your theme, then the furniture defines it. A sleek edgy sofa set defines minimalism as a big comfy stuffed sofa that defines a traditional style. Even the finish on your wood can play a major role in setting the home decor theme ideas. A well-polished wood for furniture can be used in contemporary and wooden furnishings for Bohemian or Nautical home decor settings will prefer an unfinished touch to their wood panellings. The design and shape of the tables, chairs, beds, and shelves have a considerable contribution to the environment of your apartment. Some Urban households prefer to have furniture with creative storage. Like an around-the-wall cupboard or storing space under the bed/sofa. Sofa-cum-beds are also a major part of this trend
      • Floor:- The flooring theme also helps in emphasizing a theme, there are multiple floor furnishing options available online which help you choose the best match for your walls. Carpets, mats, and doormats aro also part of the floor decorations
      • Decorations:- The cherry on top of the cake are the home decor accessories that you use to add that extra charm to your space. Fairy lights, empty glass bottles, wall hangings, and all other decoratives come under this category and this is where most of the personalization takes place. That pinecone shell from your Himachal trip or those seashells from Goa, All those memories can help you decorate your space better and become more than just a memory for you in the process.

      What to look for while shopping:-

      Quality:-Going to market for buying any product, the most important aspect is to look for quality. A seasoned shopper can recognize quality from feeling the product or reading about it, but when looking for your next creative lamp designs for your reading room, then the two things to look for are the written description of the product and the reviews. If these two things add up, then the product’s quality is as good as it is claimed to be, 

      Size:- With the help of creative shots and well-planned camera angles, the size of a product can be manipulated. So it is better to look for written measurements of the product or a picture describing its dimensions,

      Color:- Color can be a big issue in online shopping of home furnishings as the product looks different in the lens of a professional photographer and slightly different in real life. 

      Overall, Home furnishings are a great way to express your personality and to embody it as a part of your living.  Be it the bohemian house of a yoga lover or a corporate manager letting his inner pirate out through nautical home decor, The possibilities are endless and you will definitely thank us for helping you get started with this!