Spa & Wellness


      Spa and Wellness

      The recent rise in the popularity of spas and their association with ‘wellness’ is seen as a New Age fad by many people. Spa, spa products or spa related practices are seen as more of an upper-class luxury and not something meant for regular consumption. But the general mistrust towards the ‘wellness’ aspect of spa products is misplaced and to understand that we need to understand what wellness means. 

      What is wellness

      The World Health Organisation(WHO) defines wellness as a state of complete physical, social, and mental well-being. Overall, wellness defines well-being in the broader sense inclusive of all aspects like emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and environmental, and not just physical. Thinking along those lines, it is easy to consider the ‘wellness’ claims of spas to be at least respectable if not true. Modern-day spas are more than just a stress relief program. They thrive to bring in lifestyle changes for you and activate a process that leads a well-balanced stress-free living that focuses on all aspects of your ‘wellness’.

      Modern Spas and Wellness

      When people think of the word spa, the first thing that comes to mind for them is massages or aromatic oils. But modern wellness-centric spas are far more diverse and complex than that. Nowadays spas offer personalized plans for a tailor-made experience, providing you with therapists, nutritionists, yoga trainers, and life coaches for a complete change in lifestyle. The detox aspect of traditional spas has become part of a bigger process whereas massages and other comforts are seen as added bonuses.

      What to look for in wellness spas

      Wellness spas or Health spas require for you to have a stay of two to three days or maybe even longer. The concept of a destination spa, spas which are far away from urban society, is also on the rise as a new location gives a better setting for a whole ‘reset’ of lifestyle and demands an exclusive commitment to change in lifestyle for an extended period of time. This recent popularity in destination spas has led to many resorts claiming to be one of them. It is important to understand that although spas are associated with relaxing and detoxing, they are in no way to be seen as mere holidays. Modern spas are there to help you achieve a state of optimum health through exercises, diets, and meditation. A few of the important points of distinction between a wellness spa and a resort are:-

      • The cuisine on offer should be more nature-based with fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and other natural options being the major ingredients
      • A program of fitness and stress reduction classes, may or may not include meditation. 
      • Massages and other Spa treatments which are therapeutic in nature
      • Guidance about how to develop healthy lifestyle habits at home

      Looking for these distinction points is necessary for you to have an amazing authentic spa experience which helps you towards your goal of general wellness

       Spa and wellness products:

      Going to exotic destination spa programs is not everyone’s cup of tea. Neither is maintaining an optimum healthy lifestyle in these fast-moving busy times. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take some vital steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Products designed to help you achieve a spa-like wellness-based lifestyle are organic, natural, and have minimum side effects. The positive effect of such products also spread to your environmental well being, with most of them being biodegradable. For example, Some products use bamboo instead of plastic reducing their waste output. 

      Organic Beauty products for a natural charm are also designed to promote wellness in living. Changing your daily-use cosmetics like lip balm or face cream with a natural organic alternative can be a major step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. Moreover, natural products have close to zero side effects and do not have the risk of triggering any undetected allergies.

      Yoga-inspired beauty products made from special material with added health benefits also helps a lot in bringing a multitude of small but significant changes in your lifestyle. For eg., a face roller made based on an ancient massage technique can have you glowing up in no time.

      In the end, it is easy to see how taking even small steps towards a healthy lifestyle with help of spa and wellness programs and/or products based around them can bring multiple positive changes to your daily life which can have a massively beneficial effect on your life at large to a compound effect of the addition of multiple small changes in the right direction.