Women's Striped Kurtas, Kurtis, and Striped Dresses

Women's Striped Kurtas, Kurtis, and Striped Dresses

Women's Striped Kurtas, Kurtis, and Striped Dresses

Women's striped dresses and kurtas have been a popular fashion trend that has been used for more than hundreds of years in clothing. Whether thin or thick, vertical stripes or horizontal stripes, black or white, or color, stripes not only play a vital role in creating an illusion of height and weight but, also, make a bold statement. Be it a striped straight kurta for women or a stripes top, or a Kurti in stripes, or a navy striped dress, honestly, we can’t think of a time when stripes are not fashionable!

Bonus tip: vertical stripes Kurtis/kurtas for women is a trend you can never go wrong with if fusion wear is your style.

This must-have wardrobe trend was first spotted in the medieval era and was associated with all things evil. Prisoners, criminals, clowns, hangmen, and more such individuals wore stripes to stand out from the crowd. However, Queen Elizabeth changed their persona by dressing her son in a sailor suit adorned with stripes. By the end of the nineteenth century, nautical stripes were born. Ever since stripes have become a part and parcel of fashion trends and make for a classic style statement. In fact, during the ‘60s & ’70s stripes were worn as a symbol of rebellion.

Vertical stripes are known to give a visual of a taller you whilst the horizontal stripes can make you look broader if they are too bold. Color-blocked styles dominate men's wear while finer, two-color, nautical stripes have started dominating a woman’s wardrobe.  Stripes have come a long way from being strikingly contrast and bold to monochromes and finer lines that flatter all body types. From western clothing to Indian clothing, stripes have dominated the market for far too long. Stripes have become a mass-market trend that can be spotted on clothing for kids to women at work. From striped blazers to striped dresses to stripes kurtas, this glamourous trend has made its way into the Indian wardrobes.

Vertical striped kurtas and tops are amongst the most popular casual fashion trends in India followed by black and white line kurta. Striped kurtas for women are a perfect way to wearing this bold print that stands for firmness yet keeps your look effortlessly casual. One of our bestselling pieces, the blue and white striped kurta, has made us dwell further into this classic fashion trend.

If you are not sure of where to begin, a vertical striped kurta is where you should start. Vertical stripes Kurtis of all sizes flatter different body types and stylists swear by this print in crisis. Alternatively, a more experimental you can try your hands at cotton vertical striped kurtas in different colors. Take a peek at cotton striped kurtas and dresses in our collections for a better idea. For a chic look, you could resort to the classics - blue, black striped kurta.

Don’t forget stripes create a striking ensemble. However, when in doubt, don’t overdo it by mixing it with too many prints. Check out our collection of striped Kurtis, kurtas, and tops online to add this marvelous age-old trend to your closet.