White Dresses For Women


    White Dresses For Women

    Sundresses for women are synonymous with summers and so are white dresses for women. This simple, radiant color, usually associated with purity has become a popular wardrobe staple of late. From white beach party dresses to silk maxi dresses, to white Mexican dresses or floral dresses and the coveted white bridal wear dresses, this color has finally made its mark in Indian wardrobes just as strongly.

    At The Svaya, we offer a wide variety of women’s white dresses to choose from. Whether you are looking for aline white dresses, white-colored maxi dress or long dress or beach summer dresses in white, or one-piece white dresses in frock style, dainty white dresses with lace, western white dresses or ethnic white dress, a plain white dress or a full white ensemble, our online shop is just the place for you. The perk of adding white-colored dresses to your wardrobe is their simplicity and complimentary factor. They look just as chic with color-blocked accessories as they do with gold or silver. Pick either a bohemian laced white dress or a fit and flare white dress, you are sure to slay this fashion trend.

    With many fabric options to choose from, you could go for cotton white dresses in poplin or rayon for summers. Outfits created in chiffon, georgette, silk, and satin white dresses are ideal for formal events to eveningwear occasions. Another popular pick amongst the fashionistas is the white Sunday dresses. These women’s dresses are ideal for brunches, movie dates, and playdates.

    How to choose the right white dress for women?

    While white dresses have gained a fair market share, there are still plenty of us women who aren’t sure about which dress would be their ideal pick. Here’s a quick break up to help you guys out to make a perfect choice:

    Cotton White Dresses: A popular choice amongst women and girls are cotton white dresses--be it a tiered white dress in cotton, a flowy aline dress in rayon, a long white linen dress, a white summer beach dress, or a contemporary designer dress. The perks with cotton dresses for women lie in the different consistencies that the fabric offers. From cambric cotton dresses to linen cotton dresses, to poplin cotton dresses, the range of choices is myriad.

    Stretchable/ Knit White Dresses: These dresses are made in jersey fabric in a body-hugging fabric. They are preferred amongst the petite, however, can look equally trendy on curvy women. Pro tip: Opt for slightly structured/ thicket fabrics like knits and wear a tummy tucker underneath.

    Silk/ Satin White Dresses: A popular trend shows how women love to shop for soft dresses in flowy materials. If you are looking for a dress for a formal occasion, silk dresses in white or subtle satin white dresses should be your go-to pick. From the family of this pristine color, you can opt for a shade that ranges from white cream dresses to pearl white dresses, beige white, or an ivory white dress. The sheen in silk, satin, or polyester silk blends adds an extra charm and dewy look to the overall look making these white dresses fetish-worthy.

    White Summer Dresses: Summer is synonymous with pastel colors and white dresses. When going for a summer dress in white, look for details like fit and flare, short but detailed sleeves. Popular picks amongst dresses for the summer season are white dresses with laces or a white floral dress with a romantic cut. Crocheted white dresses or tops are popular picks too. Shirt dresses in white are an equally popular pick during the hot summer days.

    Bardot White Dresses: Bardot dresses or the vintage silhouette is perfect for your lunch dates or resort wear looks. These white dresses are slightly longer - could be midi or a maxi dress with a vintage neckline. These dresses are generously loaded with frills, gathers, sharp but subtle cuts around the yoke, and a slight flare at the hem. These victorian white dresses are an equal mix of romance and flirtatiousness. Style these ones with your pearls or dainty gold pieces.

    Is white dress an ideal pick for all body types?

    The simple answer is yes but. The issue with white dresses doesn’t lie in the color of the fabric but in the cuts and detailing. If you are someone who lies in the petite category, opt for white dresses with laces, crochet fabric, romantic frills, slight transparency, or white lace dresses.

    However, if you are on the curvy side the fabrics you look for should be knitted (to wear tummy tuckers inside) or wear an overlay if needed. Another popular fabric choice could be denim or poplins. Anything that’s slightly thicker is not too sheer is a better pick. One can also opt for flared dresses in white even when you have a curvy figure. The trick is to find a dress that highlights your most flattering areas. If you are heavier on the bust, opt for dresses that fall straight all-around with experimental necklines. Kurta dresses or kurta dresses with cowls are a perfect pick for such body types.  If you are heavier on the hip, go for dresses in white that take attention to your bosom. If you’re confused about the style that could still suit you, got try out the different cuts and you’d find the right pick.

    How to care for white dresses?

    Wash care for white dresses depends on the fabric it is crafted in. However, the general rule of thumb is to always wash your whites separately. If you are washing cotton, denim, poplins, linen a gentle speed cycle is recommended. Do not forget to dry your whites in shade (always). Also, a trick to keep the fabric stay fresh longer is the flat dry your white dresses.

    While washing satin or silk white dresses, use a mild detergent, and skip the machine. Do a gentle hand rinse followed by flat drying in shade. White dresses in knitted fabrics can be machine washed on a gentle cycle but should always be flatly dried only. Hanging your knits make them lose shape quickly.