Romantic White Dresses for Women Online Just A Click Away at The Svaya

Romantic White Dresses for Women Online Just A Click Away at The Svaya

Romantic White Dresses for Women Online Just A Click Away at The Svaya 

What colour comes to your mind when talking about calmness and purity? Without a doubt, I can say it’s white or at least a shade of white. It is the colour of purity, sophistication, and unadulterated soul. There is a reason why everyone loves white. And hence, white dresses for women are amongst the most picked outfits after the classic LBDs.

The Svaya offers a premium collection of white dresses available online for women. White dresses look elegant and graceful. White is a colour loved when it comes to styling and dressing up, for its simplicity and the versatility it has. Style secret - No wardrobe is complete without a few trusted white pieces.

How To Style Your Favourite White Ensemble?

One major challenge that comes with whites is how to style them?   Here is our guide on how to style your white dresses to look as flawless as you feel

  • For summers one classic way of accessorising a white dress is a contrast/printed scarf. Adding a little colour to the look.
  • Strappy heels are another way of diving into the diva vibe while wearing dresses in white. The higher the heels, the bigger the fashion statement.
  • An all-white outfit is a look in its own right, a very difficult one. A classic white dress for women goes well with white heels or strappy sandals.
  • A simple solid white t-shirt, with white sneakers and a pair of white shorts, is the perfect combination for a low-effort but put-together look.
  • When it comes to adding that extra oomph, a flowy white maxi dress with statement accessories, and bold sunglasses are the way to go.
  • Jackets are also a great way of styling up the outfit. Layering up your white dress with denim jackets is perfect to get into the winter feels.

Ethnic White Dresses For Women Available Online

The Svaya has the most beautiful online collection of ethnic white dresses for women. With innumerable options to choose from, ranging from simple A-Line silhouettes to the most intricate gowns. With an extensive collection of fusions cuts combined with classic designs, The Svaya brings to you the best in women’s fashion for everyday wear pieces.

Log on to our easy-to-navigate website and have a quick and convenient experience buying women’s white dresses online. The precise and conclusive information about the style, fabrics, and details available on our website are sure to answer all the questions that you may have. To add a cherry on top, your picks are dispatched within 48 hours of you confirming the order! 

Fuss-free fabrics, flowy designs, classic silhouette, and much more – all available at a one-stop shop for ethnic white dresses.

What will you find in our women’s white clothing edition?

  1. White Kurta, Kurtis, and tunics: From simple A-line kurta to intricate and exquisite white gheradaar angrakhaas, you will find them all here. The collection of white pieces here at The Svaya are sure to prep you up for the upcoming social as well as work calendar.
  2. White tops, blouses, and shirts: With detail-orientated design and tasteful embellishments, these white beauties are a perfect way to upscale your ethnic look. Style them up with your favourite bottoms to sway the night away living your best life. 
  3. White palazzo and pants: Did someone say stylish and comfortable? Because that’s what I hear when someone mentions palazzo. From detailed white lace pants and culottes to add a western element to your everyday look to tulip pants and white cotton palazzos for a more vibrant look - a lot of white dresses can be styled as kurtas dresses too.

Pick your new favourite white outfit and experience the seamless experience brought to you by the virtual storefront of The Svaya. 

What rules should you follow while wearing white?

While white is a wonderful colour to wear, there are a few rules every woman should be aware of while opting to wear white.

  • Since white garments have the tendency to become more transparent as compared to other colours, opt for nude undergarments. Try and keep them as close to your natural skin tone as possible.
  • Never overstuff your pockets while wearing white. Even though The Svaya offers a wide range of white dresses with pockets, that does not mean you overstuff them. Since white reflects the maximum light, overstuffing the pockets will give them an unflattering silhouette. 
  • Opting for a contrasting element is a great styling tip when you cannot think of anything else. Style White Anarkali dress with a red dupatta and you are ready to make the heads turn.
  • White on white is another great way to style up your outfits. White on white with a splash of colour (also known as The Miami Suit) is a new favourite amongst celebrities.

Celebrations and Colour White 

Even though going by the Indian standards white is not a very festive colour, but there are some occasions where white is not only accepted but in fact, is a preferred colour. One such occasion is Holi. Celebrated all across India, but having special visibility in the North, Holi is a festival of colours, joy, and laughter. What is a better colour than white to symbolise a clean slate for the new year?

Another occasion when white is a preferred colour for celebrations is the Durga Puja. Celebrated with much enthusiasm and love, the Durga puja is a ten-day celebration of goddess Durga and her victory over the evil Mahishasur and is especially special to the Bengali community. Women are at the forefront leading the charge during these celebrations and can be seen wearing the traditional white sarees with broad red borders and bright red alta dye on their palms and feet.

Beach holidays are also a time when all the women’s white dresses are taken out of the wardrobes and styled to perfection. Whether it is a white off-shoulder maxi dress or a white midi-dress, this color suits all skin types and makes for the perfect images to be captured your vacation. On an ending note, dear girl, a white ensemble is a must-have for every vacation suitcase.