Kurta Sets


    Kurta Sets For Women

    Kurta sets for women or ladies Kurtis are low-maintenance, budget friendly, easy-to-wear comfortable ethnic shirts. Worn by women all over India, it is one of the most popular traditional dresses.The word “kurta”, derived from persian, means a shirt without a collar and was a fashion trend usually associated with men in olden times. That was before the women adapted and revolutionised it and made kurtis their own. Since then, the traditional plain kurta has come a long way to become an evergreen symbol of versatility in women’s ethenic clothing.

    Difference Between Women’s Kurta and Kurti

    Both the words, kurta and kurti, describe a long-stitched dress with slits on both sides. The kurtas are usually longer in length while Kurtis are usually described to be shorter. Although a differentiation made by historians, the designers have not adhered to it much. With multiple variants from the short Patiala kurtis to the Long Anarkali kurtis available online, one quick google search for “Designer kurtis” or “kurtis for women” will inform you how Kurtis for women come in all lengths, designs and colors.

    The Trending Kurta Designs

    There are multiple types of kurtis out there in the market, and even more designs for kurtis available online. It is hard to associate kurtis with a particular occasion, function, or walk of life. With the shorter and plainer variants popular amongst students and working women, you can easily spot a girl adorning a simple A-line kurti with jeans for college or work or a casual cotton kurti with floral prints coupled with a salwar as her choice of dailywear. The longer and heavier options are a popular choice amongst ladies for weddings and important social gatherings for their elegance, grace and aura of royalty it brings to the wearer, from a flared kurta and palazzo combo to a printed chanderi marina dress there are multiple choices for a woman to choose from when it comes to searching for fancy designer kurtis for weddings or family functions.

    What are kurtis made of?

    Kurtis are multi-purpose and are able to fulfil multiple roles in fashion. So it is natural that they are many different materials are used to make kurtis for women:

    • Cotton: The most popular fabrics to make kurtis. Cotton kurtis let your skin breathe and is your perfect summer partner. Cotton is also blended with other fabrics to produce some amazing light and strong fabrics.
    • Georgette: Named after its inventor, Georgette de la Plante, it is a dull-finish crepe fabric. Kurtis made out of georgette are flowy and flatter a woman's body perfectly.
    • Silk or (silk-blend): The royal fabric silk is perfect to make a party wear kurtis which come with an elegant royal look. Silk can also be blended with different fabrics like satin or rayon to give it a better finish.
    • Rayon: Perfect for almost all seasons, rayon kurtis are flowy and let your skin breathe and provide the best comfort.
    • Chiffon: Woven from cotton or silk, this extra smooth fabric is used to make kurtis with an eccentric look and unique feel.
    • Wool: Woolen kurtis are winter special ethnic fashion and have a lot of versatility, much like its other fabric counterparts, with woolen kurtis for casual wear are as common as woolen kurtis fashioned to give you a royal look.

    The Right Way Of Wearing A Trendy, Designer Kurta/ Kurti

    Kurtis are very flexible in their usage. Hence they can be paired with a wide range of lower wear: Salwar: Salwar-kurta is an age old fashion trend and still relevant, with both the items complimenting each other perfectly to give an authentic indian look. Pair it with a designer kurti and you have a perfect ethnic attire for family gatherings Jeans: Giving a modern twist to the classic dress, jeans are the favoured bottoms for most of the working women and students. Going along well with loose fitting kaftan style kurtis and various summer kurtis, Jeans and kurti combo are the go to casual Indian look for many woman Skirts: Long flowing floor-length skirts when matched with short kurtis produce a fabulous look. Comfortable and chic, this is a perfect kurti combination for cocktail parties and your friend’s ladies sangeet Palazzo: A relatively newer trend and certainly on the rise is the kurti and palazzo combo. Palazzo itself being a version of sharara, it goes perfectly with traditional designer long kurtis for a conservative look and is super classy to pull off Dhoti pants: A fashion blogger’s favourite. The dhoti+kurti combo gives a designer look and is definitely something out of the ordinary. Extremely comfortable and allowing a great deal of freedom of movement, dhoti pants are the perfect pairing for the best cotton kurtis online Leggings: Perfect for long hauls, be it traveling or office, leggings are comfortably charming and very dynamic. Available in a wide range of colors and prints, leggings can be your go-to partners with kurtis. Leggings and kurti is another trend here to stay. Different types of Kurtis:- Having talked in length about how kurtis are so flexible and versatile. It is natural that we talk about the latest kurti designs:- A-line kurti:- One of the most popular kurti designs in the market, it is a rage amongst the youngsters. The Kurti flares down from the waist forming an A with the length either till knee-length, calf or ankle-length Tail cut kurti:- one of the top trending designer kurtis is the tail cut kurti. It is an asymmetrical design which is longer from the back and shorter in front to give a tail-like effect. Worn as a solitary dress, tail-cut kurtis are ideal for club outings and kitty parties Indo-western kurtis:- It is in the nature of popular Traditional Indian attires to get a western twist with the ongoing globalisation and the mixing of the cultural boundaries. Getting its western look from its neckline, sleeves or any other interesting cuts.Shirt style kurtis are also a good example of indo-western kurti, being more on the western side of the spectrum . These kurtis can be paired with jeans, leggings or jeggings and can be a suitable attire for college or a daytime outing Anarkali:- Perfect for a traditional look. Graceful and elegant, it looks flawless on all ladies. Depending on the fabric and the embroidery it can be used for either casual events like a birthday party or a full blown marriage attire can be centred around it. Flared:-Loose and comfortable, it gives a very rich look to the woman who wears it. With the hemline opening up on both sides, the Flared kurtis are attractive and amazing! Printed:- Presenting a wide range of designs, from block to Kalamkari to digital, the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a printed cotton kurti for you next outing! Simplistically eye-catching and charming. Having discussed kurtis in such depth and length, we understand that kurtas for women are an evergreen and ever growing fashion trend which keeps on adapting to modern trends and manages to still maintain its place in the fashion world. Latest kurtis will always remain a dominant force in the market and stylish kurta designs will keep flowing in.