Winter Clothes For Women


    The season of fashion layering and dressing up cozily is here. It's winter clothing time! Change of season demands a change in wardrobe and a change in style. With the mercury dropping, it is time for you to bring up the heat with your winter fashion game strong. Winter fashion for women is all about jackets, coats, cardigans, scarfs, gloves, and many more exclusive warm woolen dresses, kurtas, shawls, ponchos, and more.

    Women’s winter clothing offers you more opportunities to style up and more ideas to try. Wearing tops and shoes with matching designs or patterns can be done in almost any season, but winter outfits offer you the unique opportunity to wear soft woolen gloves with a matching smooth and warm muffler. Winter wear for women comes in various options from long coats to faux fur jackets to knitted kurtas to pashmina suits for ladies, to tartan printed skirts, checkered spun warm winter dresses, to leather and suede jackets, to velvet hoodies, velvet anarkalis to velvet gowns and Indianised-winter clothing for women who love some fusion. At The Svaya, we specialize in creating statement winter wear clothing for women. Comfortable warm clothes for women that can be worn to work, to office parties, to evening outs, and more. They can be layered up or dressed down depending on the occasion and come in fabrics of various kinds.

    Ideal Fabrics for Women’s Winterwear Fashion:

    Fabrics that are unique to winter wear have to be warm and comfortable, but also reasonably light so as to not become tiresome to wear. The softness and texture of the fabric can also be an important factor to consider while buying woolen clothes. Here is a list of fabrics used to weave popular and trendy winter fashion styles:-

    • Wool: Woolen clothes for women are as synonymous with winters as cotton dresses are with summers. The most popular fabric in winters, it is incredibly warm and soft. It is lightweight yet strong, which makes it durable and long-lasting. One specialty about women’s woolen winter wear is that they have natural insulation due to air-pockets present throughout them. Used to make trousers, suits, blazers, dresses, kurtas, sweaters, skirts, coats, socks, scarves, cardigans, and many other winter fashion products available for you to dress up at any occasion, be it casual or formal.
    • Fleece: An extremely comfortable and lightweight fabric, great to be used in everyday casual jackets and coats for winters. Along with being lightweight, it is also relatively cheaper. Although it is a synthetic fiber, and fuzzy to the touch, the super-soft, warm, and breathable nature of this magic material makes it perfect for outerwear and all things cozy. 
    • Corduroy: Corduroy is a strong and durable fabric with a rounded cord, wale, or rib surface formed by cut-pile yarn. Corduroy with its ribbed and raised texture is ideal for coats, breeches, millinery, casual pants, long sleeve shirts, and jackets.
    • Velvet: Velvet is a multi-layered fabric with dense piles which is soft to the touch, it’s threads are always bunched closely together which makes it a very good insulator. Velvet is always glamorous and charming irrespective of the type of dress you wear it with. It is most notably used to make winter dresses for parties. Be it parties or just a stylish dinner or lunch outing with your friends, Velvet dresses and suits are going to be a women’s perfect winter style companion.

    Winter Wear For Women:

    Having read about the fabrics which are used to make warm and stylish winter clothing, it is time to have look at the catalog of all the good things that you can wear in the winter season to stand out:

    • Jackets/Coats/Blazers: Women’s winter jackets are both practical and fashionable during the coldest days of the season. Protecting you from the cold winds, while also providing you with an extra bit of charm in your outfit. Jackets come in a variety of styles and designs, from trekking to parties, you can find a design for every occasion. They can be lightweight like biker suede or denim jackets, which provide a cool relaxed look. They can be heavy and super warm, like trekking or snow jackets, and provide you with much-needed warmth on the colder days and they can be smart and stylish like blazers and coats for you to wear to parties and get-togethers. You can also try to pair up a leather jacket with a pair of jeans for a hollywood-esque look.
    • The most interesting thing about living in India is the diversity the country adds to your wardrobe. There’s no dearth of winter jackets for women in Indian textiles. From block printed cotton quilted jackets to pashmina jackets to Himachali jackets in wool to ikat quilted jackets, to brocade designer winter jackets, one can add a lot of variety to their Indian wardrobe during winters as well.
    • Tops and Suits: Heavier than their summer counterparts, Tops, and Suits for winter are warmer and need a little more care, but they also tend to have more handwork and embroidery. Winter Indian wear is crafted in luxurious fabrics like silks, velvets, and pashminas. Each piece is ornated beautifully with trims and hand embroidery for an exquisite look. The luxurious winter fabrics for women help you make a style statement while keeping you warm alongside.
    • Hoodies and Sweatshirts: Who doesn’t like an oversized sweatshirt to look cute and chic in it?  Sweatshirts are fashionable, comfortable, and cozy all at the same time. Sweatshirts come in many different styles like button-up sweatshirts, half zipper sweatshirts, zip sweatshirts or snap button sweatshirts for ladies. All these sweatshirts may or may not come with a hoodie to provide added warmth and style. So grab a sweatshirt to have an eye-catching yet laid back look.
    • Sweaters: From simple and cute to eye-popping designs and vibrant hues, Woolen Sweaters for winters are available in all styles and designs. Sweaters come in various forms like Cardigans, Ponchos, Pullovers, Jumpers, Turtle-necks, and many more. Sweaters are the quintessential winter fashion and can be paired with jackets and tops to create a bright and gorgeous attire. You can find sweaters for daily wear, sweaters for parties, sweaters for shopping trips, and just about anything you can plan to go for. 
    • Woolen Kurtas: If we are talking about Indian winters, there’s one thing we just can’t skip. The magic and warmth of women’s woolen kurtas for winters. These are knitted long tunics created from different colored yarns and patterns to keep the traditional style of dressing intact while ensuring maximum warmth to the person wearing it.

    To make your winter wardrobe a little more fashionable, you can add scarves, gloves, hats, and many more items to the list of winter special articles that can help you style better while staying warm. These small fashion articles are not to be taken lightly as they can end up being the highlight of your entire attire, like a brightly colored scarf can end up overshadowing everything else in your outfit. These affordable winter wear pieces can add a charm to your entire winter attire.

    Overall, Winter fashion for women is different from summer fashion in a variety of ways and offers you a broader range of clothing options to choose from and your outfit also contains more articles in general, compared to outfits for warmer weathers. Winter clothes for women are durable, warm, and take an extra bit of care, compared to summer clothes. Many different types of fabrics are available for you to decide upon and even more clothing options to choose from. So ladies, prepare for the winter fashion season by filling up your wardrobe with some amazing, warm, and gorgeous winter wear fashion and keep shining in the cold weather.