Fashion Affiliate Program | Fashion Bloggers x The Svaya

The Svaya affiliate program for fashion bloggers & influencers

The Svaya is an online women's clothing label. We have been doing tremendously in the market and are willing to join hands with up-and-coming & established thought leaders in the industry.

If you think your content stands out from the rest of your competitors, your styling leaves an impact on the audience, and can convince your followers to make a purchase then it is time you earn off of your creativity. Join us for our Affiliate program and get ready to create incredible quality of content and grow together.

Perks of becoming The Svaya Affiliate

  • Free clothes worth INR 5000* on a monthly basis
  • Refer to the table below for a comprehensive view on the number of products you will be entitled toProducts each influencer is entitled for
  • 15% commission on net sales, excluding taxes and returns
  • Quick & easy on-boarding process to start earning immediately
  • Exclusive Influencer x Brand campaigns
  • Fashion editor of the month spotlight
  • Priority access to new launches
  • Set up your own shop in collaboration with us
  • Influencer specific discounts
  • 30 Day Cookie window
  • Access to dashboard for regular reporting & link generation
  • Quarterly giveaway campaigns
  • Rs. 500 vouchers for every 10 successful orders

Who are our partners?

Our partners are passionate fashionistas with a unique aesthetic. A woman who always outdoes her style to create something all the more chic and elegant. She is a lady who can step out sassy or look all kinds professional all at the same time.

  • Are you that someone?
  • Do you think you have it in you to leave an impact with your style?
  • Do you think you clothing exhibits confidence and celebrates your style?

If 'YES; is your answer to these questions then you might be out girl. We are looking for women who:

  • understand The Svaya brand & lifestyle
  • breathe life to a content and leave a mark on your audience
  • love fashion, recreating, restyling, and trying new things
  • have an audience between the age group 24 - 50 years
  • have an engaged audience on at least one of your platforms
  • are able to drive measurable impact (traffic, sales, ROI on your and our channel)

How can you join?

To become The Svaya affiliate you have to sign up here. Once you have submitted your application, our team will review it and accept/ reject your application based on how strong your profile turns out.

What do you have to do as an affiliate?

As our affiliate partner, you will have to share our products along with your link across your channels. Please refer to the product deliverables below:

  • At least one look per product
  • At least one video - IGTV/ Youtube with our product(s)
  • 2 posts per product
  • 2 stories per product

You can share the content you create to a blog to a website to your Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Reddit, Facebook, Quora or any other. The more number of channels you share links on, the more the chances of the sale happening. However, always capitalise your strengths.

As a brand partnering with you, we will have equal rights to sharing your content on our platforms.

Frequently asked questions

Who manages the logistics and customer requests?
All logistics, order processing and customer returns and requests will be managed by our team.

Under what circumstances will my commission not be accounted for?
In case of returns and cancellations i.e when the order stands cancelled, the commissions will not be accounted.

How will you be paid?
We have a 30 day pay cycle. We usually pay via account transfers or PAYTM.

Do you need to have some legal documents/ GST registrations before applying?
No, you do not need any legal documents, GST registrations or any other registrations to apply for the program. However, if you are registered, we advise you to share your details with us via for proper invoicing.

How can you leave the program?
You have to send us a written confirmation with a minimum of 30 days notice before we relieve you. Also, if we do not see a mutually beneficial relationship with you as a partner for 60 days straight, we will call off your alliance with us.

For any further queries, please email us at