Beauty Sleep: The Actual Solution To Half The Problems In Your Life


Every year, the world burns through billions of dollars on cosmetics to revive our skin and feel our best. But little do we value the key ingredient that works wonders - The Beauty Sleep.

Sleep impacts your whole body - your mind, your skin, your organs. Your body experiences rest at its best and get into self-restoration. While sleeping, your skin is the most active, working diligently reviving and detoxifying itself.

What does Missing Out On #BeautySleep Trigger?

It's not just your mind that goes into fix mode when you adventure off into dreamland every night. Your body does, as well. That obviously incorporates your skin which develops new cells to supplant the old, damaged ones. 

So, when you miss out on sleep or sleep ineffectively, it turns difficult for your cells to perform the nightly maintenance work. Thus, you wind up looking kind of droopy, wrinkled, and unwell. 

You get those puffy raccoon packs, as well. You wonder why? That is because lack of sleep makes your blood vessels expand, which brings about blood pooling under your eyes that resemble dark, unhealthy circles. Also, you end up looking strangely stressed, unfocused, and scattered rather than energetic, refreshed and gorgeous.

All this can begin to occur after only a night or two of insufficient sleep. If you skimp on sleep consistently you might end up gaining weight, becoming ill, and depressed. None of which are probably going to speak to your best look.

What Are The Benefits of Beauty Sleep?

Beauty Sleep Benefit #1: De-puffed Eyes

Beauty sleep helps in depuffing the eyes

As when you're under stress, your cortisol levels rise. This progresses the salt parity in your body. Thus, it can lead you to hold water and causes puffiness.

Pour yourself a generous serving of water before you hit the bed. Add another layer of a soft, satiny pillow to elevate your head just a little and disconnect from the world. A few good 7 hours - 9 hours of Zzz’s every night will instantly show under your eyes.

Beauty Sleep Benefit #2: Glowing, Healthy Skin

While sleeping, our skin heals itself from the damage caused by the UV rays or pollution. Also, the new skin cells grow quicker while you snooze yourself off. A slow-wave of deep sleep induces biological mechanisms that lead to overall regeneration. Your blood pressure drops, calming your heart, hormones start to regulate and the mind starts to relax. These few hours at night bring the sparkle back each morning to your face.

Beauty Sleep Benefit #3: Slowed Signs Of Ageing And Fewer Wrinkles

Natural stressors throughout the day leave fine lines and wrinkles on the face. While these early signs of aging take a while before they are discovered visibly, beauty sleep from the very onset of adulthood can delay their arrival. Skin rebuilds collagen when your body is at rest. Collagen, in turn, helps in keeping your skin firm and tight.

If you’re already in your mid-twenties or older, you should be incorporating a night time regime that not only involves a few cosmetics but the right ingredients for your skin. Consult your cosmetologist to guide you into the ideal skin products. A night-time regime should ideally begin with cleansing your face to applying the right kind of products, followed by a gentle massage to relax the face muscles that tighten or areas where toxins tend to accumulate.

PS: We personally believe it is never okay to apply just anything on the face because it's highly recommended. What works for some, might not work for you. 

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Beauty Sleep Benefit #4: Strong And Healthy Hair 

A night of good sleep really adds to wonderful, fuller hair. Studies have shown beauty sleep is required for proper protein synthesis for your hair. 

Here's What You Should Do For Quality Beauty Sleep:

#1 Sleep On your Back 

Most people tend to lie on their sides, squeezing their faces, chests, and stomachs into their pillows and covers. Though it might be the most comfortable, side sleeping can prompt pre maturing by permitting those pillows and covers to pull on your skin. Therefore, you end up getting wrinkles sooner. Sleeping on your back is the best way to dodge wrinkles caused by pulling.

#2 Aromatherapy For The Quality Sleep

Aromatherapy helps in inducing good quality sleep.

Aromatherapy can be a compelling guide for getting sufficient beauty sleep. The aroma of lavender, specifically, can help improve sleep patterns. Simply light up the diffusers in your room with lavender and let the mild aroma put you to sleep each night.

#3 Warm Bath An Hour Before Bed

Swap your usual habit of binging on series or movies and checking your phone before bed, Instead have a warm bath with some natural bath oils an hour before bed. You'll feel stress-free and mentally and physically relaxed. Furthermore, it soothes away the body pain and tiredness you get after long working hours!

#4 Massage Your Head With Warm Oils

Sometimes it's difficult to include treatments and masks into our haircare schedules, therefore, overnight hair care works great! Gently massage your head with some warm coconut or sunflower seed oil which has mild fragrances. It keeps your hair hydrated and healthy as you sleep. Bonus: it makes you fall asleep sooner!

#5 Silk Essential For Eye Mask And Bedding

Staying away from light is essential for getting quality sleep. An eye mask totally eliminates light, keeping you undisturbed while sleeping. For the best results, use a silk eye mask. Since skin is vulnerable to wrinkling, ensure that the material pressing against your face is as soft as possible.

Tip: Make sure the elastic in your eye mask is not too tight. That can lead to more damage than good. 

#6 Get A Good Quality Mattress & Pillows

Low-quality bedding can induce unwanted pain and trigger issues you don’t wish to invite. Invest in quality, orthopedic mattresses, or gel-based pillows for better sleep quality.

#7 Keep Your Room Temperature Low

At night, your body's temperature declines. Keeping the temperature in your room low is good for both your digestion and your blood flow. It's important as improving your blood flow oxygenates your skin, keeping it conditioned for the day ahead. The ideal temperature should be anywhere between 18 Degree Celsius to 25 Degree Celsius.

#8 Choosing The Right Sleepwear

Nightwear for women

As important as it is to remove your lingerie while sleeping, so is the choice of your sleepwear. Outfits that are free-flowing, unrestricted, soft, comfortable, and breathable should be your choice. Never go for nightwear just based on the design or fabric. Always see how relaxing it is on you before you decide to make a purchase.

You can also take a look at some of the comfiest pieces from our loungewear edition to finding ideal sleepwear for yourself.

#9 Night Cream Is An Absolute Essential

Make sure you put on your moisturizer at night. Day creams are beneficial, yet they're insufficient to keep your skin hydrated overnight. Add a good night cream to your bedtime ritual. This will diminish your risk of premature aging by keeping up the moisture in your skin while you sleep.

#10 Exercise/Yoga Regularly

Make exercise as your habit that will assist you to get ultimate Beauty Sleep. There is a pile of studies that shows physical exercise improves sleep quality. You can also opt for aerobic exercises for about 20 minutes each day that works to improve sleep quality, mood, and quality of life.

Reasons You Are Missing Out On Your Beauty Sleep:

#1 Snacking

Skip the salt at night, especially after 7 PM. Anything that’s salt-rich means under-eye puffiness in the morning. Add protein-rich snacks and some green vegetables to your meals to enhance your skin better. 

#2 Turn Off Your Electronics Gadgets One Hour Before Bed

Gadgets such as tablets, PCs, smartphones, TV, and even some LED lights radiate blue light, which delays the release of melatonin and can keep you awake for long at night. Replace LED room lights with bulbs that transmit a more natural white light. This will enable your mind to get ready to discharge melatonin, which causes you to get peaceful, magnificent sleep.

#3 Wine, Whisky, Vodka, Gin & Liquor of All Sorts

Liquor dilates the blood vessels which adds more swelling in the eyes or face and also it reduces your sleep quality. When you're dehydrated, you're not recovering collagen too, and lines in the skin get deeper, Also swap the sugary, caffeinated drinks which can leave your skin thirsty, Instead have warm turmeric milk or coconut water before snoozing.

 #4 The Ultimate Disaster: Cotton Pillows

Swap your regular cotton pillow covers with ones made from Satin or Silk. The softer the fabric, the better its impact on your skin. Cotton tends to absorb the sebum produced by your skin leaving it dry and wrinkly. Satin cases, on the other hand, repel absorption and provide for a smoother surface to sleep on.

What is an Ideal Sleep Duration?

Beauty specialists recommend getting seven to nine hours of sleep every night. 

Although, if seven or eight hours is acceptable, does that mean more sleep is even better for your skin? No, nope, nada!

Sleeping more than how much your body requires can actually trigger the breakdown of skin cells. Scientifically speaking, a beauty sleep means sleeping at a stretch for a couple of hours, by limiting disturbances and interruptions and even sunlight. 

Conclusion: It is alright to drop out plans to enjoy your beauty sleep! The quality and length of rest you get each night can profoundly affect your skin's overall health.

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