Before I even begin, I want you to think about what all your breast has gone through with you. Think about it - from sleeping on it to letting them sway around while you’re braless, to fitting them into ill-fitting bras to juggling with your bosom in flattering silhouettes.

Well, whether we have accepted this or not, the truth is the thought of breast skincare or breast skin tightening has definitely crossed our minds at least once in our lives. Some of us may have acknowledged it, some erased it but the truth remains that every single woman on this planet cares about her bosom.

Don’t we all crave for boobs, along with our body, to look drop-dead gorgeous? Well, if self-care has finally become your priority or you don’t want your decolletage to reveal your age, read on.

Easy skincare tips for women to pamper their boobs


Problem #1: Breast Skin Breakout / Acne

After face and back, your breast area gets the most breakouts! To dispose of acne around there, you first need to take a look at your work schedule. Most of you frequently go to the gym or work and hold on to return home to get showers. It is possible that your spandex tank top or your regular outfit gets sweat-soaked and clog your pores.

Next time, go for some loose - fitted clothes and always pack salicylic wipes to cleanse your chest, back, and face after a sweat session.

We recommend Chicco Cleansing Breast Wipes. And also, make sure you exfoliate or scrub your bosom at least once a week. Apply a dermatologically recommended acne treatment gel on your breakout-prone skin.

If this still doesn't help, go for a hormonal test. You might be breaking out because of hormonal imbalance. See a dermatologist or other healthcare provider.

Problem #2: Dry Skin / Peeling

You take superb care of your face, and even for your legs and arms, but what about your breast? The skin here is the most thinner, hence, needs more attention. Make sure you don’t skip on the lotion.

Look for a cream that contains ingredients like jojoba seed oil or ceramide, the two of which do some amazing things to enhance the skin. Mask at least once a day. And obviously, don't skip a day without a sunscreen. Whenever you step out, take a SPF that is 50 or higher. As you cannot take any risks for your skin, particularly the skin of your breast.

Problem #3 Breast Stretch Marks

Accept your stretch marks. While there's no fix for these marks yet skincare items that contain caffeine or collagen can help it get lighter. An ideal way of preventing stretch marks is to apply olive or jojoba oil to them regularly when they start appearing.

A serum can help stimulate blood cells and blood flow making the skin look firmer. What's more, adding more collagen to your eating regimen can help with skin's adaptability and strength, which means it'll be less inclined to extra stretch marks. Of course, water is a savior! Drink a lot of it, as you know hydrating your body always helps.

Problem #4 Nipple Hair

Nipple hair is not at all unusual but getting rid of ingrown hair can be really complicated. Plucking and trimming is always an option. A lot of women also resort to professional waxing to avoid further skin issues. 

However, if you feel waxing is too painful or leaves you with acne, consult a skin specialist and discuss if you can opt laser hair removal. It is absolutely safe. But always choose a recommended service provider or trusted chains like Kaya Skin Clinic and VLCC.

Problem #5 Dark Spots

Have you been escaping wearing the ‘It’ trends of the season and are busy hiding your decolletage? Discoloration and bumps on your bust can cause you to evade those plunging tops this summer. An ideal way of addressing this concern would be to consult your skin specialist. They could recommend a cream that helps you fix it or suggest you undergo peeling. However, going the traditional way, we would highly recommend you massage your boobs with almond oil at least once a day and apply a natural body pack at least once a week.

Problem #6 The Great Cleavage Conundrum

In case you're hoping to add oomph to your cleavage, ace this contouring stunt. Apply bronzer on each side of the neck and underneath the collarbone. Also, trail bronzer between your bosoms. Your bosoms look pretty lifted than before.

Problem #7 Breast Lopsidedness 

Unfortunately, we've run all out of boobie stunts for this issue. It's completely normal for one chest to be bigger than the other. Assess a silicone bra pad in a smaller cup to fix the issue while stepping out.

Problem #8 Redness

Brease by carmesi is an ideal mist for delicate breast skin

We often get red, splotchy chest which might be caused by several things - acne, rosacea, and sunburn are just a few. If your lifestyle includes too much alcohol, spicy food, or even caffeine then it's time to limit the consumption. Also, sometimes the texture of your fabric surfaces causes irritation on your skin. Apply Brease - a roll-on peppermint and aloe vera based deodorant from Carmesi. Else, use cool and soothing moisturizing creams and cooling packs under your bust to address the issue.

Problem #9 Breast Sweat

We can't deny the fact that we all suffer from this. If your bosom hangs low, the area underneath your babies is likely to get sweaty. That sweat could cause rashes and irritation in case you're not cautious. Apply a hint of baby powder before wearing your bra to help with it. You can also use bra liners which are like pantyliners for your bosoms. 

Problem #10 Saggy Breast

As you age, your breast skin sags and ages too. This is generally because of hormonal changes in a woman’s body and these changes are irreversible. As our estrogen levels plunge, the skin and connective tissues of our bosoms begin to lose hydration, and thus elasticity. You might notice your bosoms losing firmness and fullness over time. Moreover, breast tissues age two-three years faster than the rest of your body.

If you're looking for a touch of an additional lift without an exponential cost of medical procedures, breast firming creams can bring a subtle, amazing lift to your décolletage. You'll start noticing the difference if you start young.

So, these were a few expert breast skincare tips we had to share with you. Do you have some secret tips you use to pamper the bosom too? Share them in the comments below with us and our readers. We'd be delighted to learn!

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