34 Thoughtfully Selected Gifts For Her - Experiences & Things She Would Fall In Love With

If you haven’t demanded a gift on Rakshabandhan aka Rakhi from your brother, are you even his sister? But, we are sure 2020 is making the world celebrate Rakshabandhan in the weirdest of ways. From zoom-call rakhi exchanges to sending love weeks in advance, the sisters are all prepared for a festival they can happily demand gifts against.

But, boy, have you figured out the options of ideal gifts for her? Well, in case you haven’t, we might just have created the exact thing to calm your worries. To help you to get rid of this dilemma, we are recommending you some Rakhi gift ideas. We can guarantee you that your sister would completely cherish them!

Gift Ideas for Girls: The Fashion & Style Addict

Gifts for Her #1: For The Fashion Queen

A lady can never have enough clothes to wear. Regardless of what the problems are, we think shopping is always the best solution. Get her some clothes in her favorite color and style and make her the happiest in a jiffy. Can’t choose the right product, buy a gift card for her instead.

Gifts for Her #2: For The Mix And Match Accessories Addict

Finding the correct accessories is consistently the hardest part. What's more, men will always be unable to find the perfect match for the ladies in their lives. That is the reason you should give your sister the opportunity to pick her favourite pair of accessories by buying her a gift hamper. Go, pick one now from Voylla or PipaBella.

Gifts for Her #3: For the Cosmoholic Beauty

If you know a thing or two about women, you know they ‘LOVE’ cosmetics. With the whole organic products trend sweeping in. Buy her product packages from Forest Essentials, Kama Ayurveda or Mama Earth. You can purchase them online and have them delivered to her address. These trusted labels will only make her happier.

Gifts For Her #4: The Makeup Junkie

Women love make-up. Well, most of them at least. There’s always something we are running out of, something we want to try, something that we’d want to add to our makeup list. If this resonates with someone like your girls too, well, then gift her a Sephora voucher. She’d be in seventh heaven!

Gifts for Her #5: For A Girl Who Loves Her Nails

Well-manicured nails can make all things pretty. And no regular manicures can transform them overnight. But, a nail spa session at a reputed salon in your area could just be the answer. Gift her a session and you’d not regret it. Sounds weird? Pinterest a gorgeous nail art picture and DM it to her. Wait for her to react and you’d know if this is what she needs.

Gifts for Her #6: For Someone Who Is Stressed Out

Nothing relaxes you more than a Spa. Even a man with zero knowledge about women knows this. So, how about you plan her a Spa Day? Find a nice spa in your area and let her experience the wonder.

Tight on the budget? Then go ahead and gift her a foot spa! 

Gifts For Her #7: For The Well-Groomed Lady

In this present day and age, it isn't unexpected to find women investing time and efforts on their looks. Taking care is not only important for aesthetic appeal but also for personal hygiene. Treat her with a salon membership. She can pick and choose services she’d like and walk out magnificent. Trust us, she’d love this more than you can imagine.

Gift Ideas for Girls: The Passionate Traveller

Gift for Her #8: For Miss Happy Feet

If you want to go extremely different and interesting with your presents, then nothing is better than giving her an experience rather than an object. Give her a chance to go out traveling either with you, your family or her companions. You can book a solo trip for her on a girl’s only trip or gift a package where her pals could tag along too. Making your job easier are Thrillophilia, and Wovoyage who create safe, women’s only tours in India.

Gifts for Her #9: For The Luxury Resort Fan

If luxury resorts and boutique hotels are your sisters favorite picks everytime you discuss travel, well you know what to give her. Pick out the exquisite resorts across India and gift her a staycation in one of her favorite resorts. To make a little more personal, you could design a holiday by getting in touch with travel experts at traveltriangle.com as well.

Gifts for Her #10: The adventure seeker

Book a day-long adventure for your darling sister if it's the adrenaline rush that satiates her. From trekking tours to mountaineering tours to a surprise holiday. Yes, neither you nor she would know where she is headed but this amazing travel company would take care of every little detail to keep her safe. You can book a surprise holiday on Pack Up & Go.

Gifts Ideas for Her: Miss Foodie

Gifts for Her #11: For The One Who Is A Big Food Enthusiast

Spend the entire day with her. Take your sister on a lunch/dinner date alongside your family and get her the food of her choice. You’ll end up pampering your taste buds as well. You could also gift her recipe books from her favorite chef or a dinner at her favorite chef’s restaurant.

Gifts for Her #12: For the One Who Loves All Things New

Book her a food walk experience. Tag along with her. You’d be surprised to discover local delicacies and cuisines in your area. You can also take her for a food walk in your city to have an extraordinary experience.

Gifts for Her #13: For the one who misses home-cooked meals

If she is away from home, chances are she missed home cooked meals or atleast the ease of just peacefully enjoying the meal than the hassle of cooking. Send her some love via subscription boxes from Masala Box or OOTA Box, or Swiggy Daily

Gifts for Her #14: For Her Inner Chef

If your girl loves to cook, or is passionate about trying out new recipes, gift her a culinary session. These sessions have been a fad in the Indian society for the longest, but the recipes and the food journeys shared within are impeccable. Try out some of the best culinary workshops in India.

Gifts For Her #15: For The Pro-Cook

Women who love to cook can never disapprove of cooking utensils. Gift her some extravagant, great quality utensils and appreciate food made with her hands. 

Gifts For Her #16: For The Tea Connoisseur

Tea & Coffee are like staples in our diet. However, for women who have developed an exquisite taste can identify the quality of these beverages from far. Buy her the assorted flavors of Tea or gift her cold brewed coffee hampers to please her taste buds.

Gift Ideas for her: If you’re a Finance Freak

Gifts for Her #17: For Your Financially Mindful Sister

This time think smart and go traditional. Give her something that will remain with her for quite a while. If she has recently started working, buy her the book - Let’s Talk Money By Monika Halan. If she isn't a fan of reading, gift her an Audible membership to listen to books on the go.

Gifts for Her #18: Gift Her Gold Trinkets

While you could buy her a 24 carat gold coin ‘cause tradition says so. But how about we add a hint of contemporary details and blend it with tradition? Find some gorgeous gold pieces on stores like caratlane.com. Or pick a dainty piece from Mia by Tanishq. You know what, these pieces start at just 4,499/-

Yes, you read that right.

Gifts for Her #19: Get Her SIP Started

Take it a notch higher, help her set up her first SIP, after all now is a good time to test the market and try your luck. There are many financial tools and advisors available. You could also take a look at policies on policybazaar.com. However, make sure you do your research before investing.

Gift Ideas for Her: The Movie-Addict

Gifts for Her #20: For The Cinephiliac Lady

What's a better way to celebrate an occasion than with a movie excursion? Book the film tickets of the recently launched film and surprise her with an experience she would cherish forever. To pamper her more, buy tickets to the premium lounge section.

Gifts for Her #21: For The Cinephiliac Lady (2)

Alternatively, buy her a netflix subscription and let her binge watch some of the most entertaining shows ever. She’d love you for this!

Gift Ideas for her: For The Tech-Geek In You

Gifts for Her #22: A Fanatic Bookworm 

If she loves to read, gift her a kindle. She can carry it along wherever she goes and read her favorite pieces alongside.

Gifts for Her #23: A Selfie Queen 

If she is passionate about clicking her pictures a thousand different times, buy her a tripod. She can use it from creating content for her social media to capturing some of the most exquisite photographs and videos.

Gifts for Her #25: The Aesthetic Lover

If photography is her thing, buy her a DSLR. However, if she is not that into it but loves capturing moments either way, but her a cutesy polaroid. To let you in on a secret, women love polaroids. 

Gifts for Her #26: The Hair Lover

If she loves styling her hair and pampers those tresses, she is going to ‘love’ this one. Buy her a Dyson Hair Dryer.

Gift Ideas for her: For A Girl Who Loves Experiences

Gifts for Her #27: Flower Power

Flowers can make anyone cheerful with satisfaction and joy. Pick her favorite flowers and take a box of chocolates and a card along. Can’t visit her? Send flowers over to her place and surprise her!

Gifts for Her #28: The Collector

Women love to deck up their homes and rooms in all things pretty and photographed. Gift experiential memory-collectors to her custom made via Oye Happy. This amazing site ideates and creates unique gift ideas that one can treasure as collectibles. You could also pick a photo frame or a musical card from Archies.

Gifts for Her #29: If She Loves Surprises

A woman who loves surprises is the easiest to please. Just book her a surprise experience from CherishX.com and let the experienced curators plan your event. From decorating the room with halogen balloons to open-air cinemas to the curated dining experience, they have it all.

Gift Ideas for Her: For The Decor Obsessed Lady

Gifts for Her #30: For The Ones With Decorative Soul

Well, if the girl you’re planning to gift is crazy about making her house/ room look amazing, help her find the most elite products or home decor items. From quirky furniture to minimalistic fixtures to kitsch decor products, our country has a lot to offer.

Gifts for Her #31: For The Gardener Girl 

You could take this to another level and offer her gardening supplies. How do you decide though? If you see the house is loaded with plants of all shapes and sizes, and every nook and corner has a special plant-based decor, you’ll have your answer. This gift might take her by surprise and she’d appreciate the thought you’ve put in picking the right things. You can buy supplies, pots, gardening supplies from MyBageecha or Nursery Live.

Gifts for Her #32: For The Crockery & Cutlery Lover

This might sound unusual and irrelevant to men, but women love serving food in the prettiest of dinnerware. From silverware to ceramic sets in pastel hues to luxurious dinner sets to bohemian bowls have made their way to India. Pick these amazing serve ware pieces and she’ll thank you for life.

Tip: If you don’t know which one’s going to blend well with her taste, just buy her a neutral solid colored set. Avoid prints.

Gift Ideas for Her: For The Health Freak

Gifts for Her #33: For The Passionate Yogini

From gifting her a yoga mat to giving her a yoga membership at an elite health center to sending her on a Yoga retreat, probably joining her too, could be your picks. 

Gifts for Her #34: For The Fitness Expert

The one who is health-conscious can never skip a day without exercise, get her dumbbells, or a treadmill for her indoor exercise regime.

So here was our list of gift ideas for girls. Do you think we could have added something else to it too? Share the in the comments below and we'd be happy to make amends.

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