Mother's Day Gift Cards

During this special time, The Svaya is happy to send an e-card addressed to your mother for you. So you can stay at home!

The photographs and your message in the card can be customized. Please share the same with us while signing up.

Here's what you have to do:

1. Select the design you like
2. Fill up the signup form along with your name, your photographs, and your personalized message
3. Your part is done! 

We will ensure your mother gets it on Sunday! 

Please note we will not take any requests after 4.00 PM tomorrow i.e. 9 May 2020. Also, these cards are e-cards and cannot be printed.

Print copies of the card can be sent to you in high resolution to use as wall hangings or to keep as a memoir and will be chargeable at Rs. 100 per design.

Design #1

Mother's day card design 1 - The Svaya

Design #2

Mother's day card design no.2 - The Svaya

Design #3Mother's day design no. 3 - The Svaya


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