Quick, Easy & Healthy Food Recipes For Those Who Hate Cooking

6 April 2020. The World is going through the toughest of times and everything seems to be falling apart including our cooking skills. Not all of us are born chefs after all. So, we decided to write up a post on quick, healthy and easy food recipes that Indians can make within 10 - 15 minutes (yes, for real--including the preparation time.

Without further ado, let's get started. Here's a list of quick, healthy, and easy recipes for beginners that you can try at home during these testing times.

Healthy & Easy Breakfast Ideas 

One of the simple recipes for quick breakfast on weekdays can be fruit bowls. They work for vegetarians as well as vegans and can be customized as per taste preferences and availability of ingredients.

Easy Breakfast Recipe #1: Healthy Smoothie Recipes

This is amongst the easiest food recipe for beginners. Put all the fruits you wish to mix and milk in a blender. Add seeds. Blend. Your healthy and nutrient-rich breakfast smoothie is ready. 

Option 1: Nutella + Banana + Milk + Peanut Butter + Nuts + Seeds
Option 2: Strawberry + Kiwi + Milk + Nuts + Seeds
Option 3: Banana + Chikoo (Sapota) + Milk + Nuts + Seeds
Option 4: Pineapple + Coconut + Milk + Nuts + Seeds
Feel free to add fruits of your choice.

- Skip adding sugar.
- You can add protein powders, Horlicks, Bournvita, vanilla essence for flavor.
- You do not need to cut fruits as long as their seeds are edible. Just peel them and add them to the blender.
- Why seeds: Seeds are superfoods that contain all the important nutrients. You can add anything from Pumpkin seeds, White Sesame, Chia Seeds, Poppy Seeds, Watermelon seeds, to sunflower seeds. Just make sure you don't add more than 3 seeds at a time and a half teaspoon of each only.
- For a thicker and creamier taste, you can add grated coconut/ coconut powder to the blender. It can be added to all fruits.
- You do not need to freeze the fruits unless you are looking for a chilled drink.

Ingredients that can be replaced:
- Replace milk with vegan milk - Soy Milk, Almond Milk.
- Or, replace milk with greek yogurt. You can opt for the plain yogurt or pick amongst one of the flavors. Milk and Greek yogurt can be mixed as well.
- Replace seeds with nuts. Not sure if seeds suit you? Add your favorite nuts instead.

Easy Breakfast Recipe #2: Healthy Breakfast Bowls 

Take your love for healthy and easy breakfast recipes forward with breakfast bowls. Pour your smoothie into a bowl and top it up with fruits of your choice. Top them up with coconut chips/ powder and muesli or granola. These bowls are quite filling and are amongst the easiest vegetarian breakfast recipes.

Easy Breakfast Recipe #3: All things egg

For all the keto-conscious, protein-rich diet seekers. Eggs for breakfast has to be your goto option. From boiled eggs to egg salad to omelet there's so much you can resort to. For some more love on easy egg recipes watch these videos.

Easy Breakfast Recipe #4: Sandwich & Breakfast Toast Recipes

A top pick amongst the quickest and healthy breakfast recipes for starters and bachelors is always a toast. But how can you make one in a jiffy? What can you replace the ingredients with if needed? Watch this video to find out how to reuse those uncooked veggies in the fridge and make for a delicious and easy breakfast sandwich.

Ingredients that can be replaced:
- Replace avocados, mayonnaise, cream cheese and other dips with hung curd/ hummus/ tahini/ feta cheese.
- Replace Marina Sauce with Salsa
- Replace ham with Chicken Salami
- Replace eggs with pan tossed paneer slices
- Replace salmon with mushrooms
- Replace Edamame with American Corn 

Easy Lunch Recipes

Easy Lunch Recipe #1: Veggie Greens aka Salad (Protein Included)

Salads are not only healthy for you but are super quick to make. And if you have a chopper or a food processor, life gets easier.

Ingredients that can be replaced:
- Chicken, shrimps, ham can be replaced with panner and mushrooms.
- Brussels sprouts can be replaced with chickpeas/ broccoli/ homegrown sprouts. - - Maple syrup can be replaced with honey.
- If making dressing is a painstaking task, you can resort to hung curd + garlic + salt & pepper or just add chopped garlic & oregano mix to olive oil.

Healthy & Easy Lunch Recipe #2: Easy Lunch Recipes With An Indian Twist

What you eat makes you glow. We all know that but with a strict lockdown, those who feel the need to reduce and stay healthy, these quick and easy Indian recipes for lunch are ideal for weight loss.

Ingredients that can be replaced:
Replace rice with quinoa or brown rice.

Quick Dinner Recipes 

We are always on a lookout for simple recipes that taste good and save us time. These healthy and easy dinner recipes would do that for you, with minimal ingredients.

P.S: We have chosen recipes for all types of foodies.

Easy Dinner Recipe #1: Rawa Chila

 You can replace Sooji/Rawa & curd mixture with besan/ moong daal (soaked overnight and ground into a fine paste)/ rice flour/ Oats.

Easy Dinner Recipe #2: Pasta Goodness

Pro Tip: Make sure you look for a Vitamin D3 fortified pasta.
You can replace chicken with mushrooms.

Easy Dinner Recipe #3: Many Flavours of Rice

You can skip chicken wherever needed and stick to mushrooms & paneer. 
Pro Tip: For those who aren't really a big fan of eating rice, use cauliflower to make cauliflower rice or quinoa.

Easiest Dinner Recipe #4: Butter Anything!

 Butter garlic mushrooms are the easiest to make. You don't even need to cut them but you could try a mix of all veggies from broccoli to zucchini. Takes less than 15 minutes to cook and you don't need fresh parsley or thyme. Use oregano and other dried seasonings in your stock to add the desired flavor.


Well, now that you've found a few quick recipes to save you all the time in the world. Here's a quick mug cake we wanted to share--doze of sweetness post all the cooking.

P.S: No Egg/ No Microwave/ No Soda needed


Did you like our curation of quick, healthy, and easy food recipes? Share these with your friends to make the most of quarantine.

Found some cooking hacks yourself? What would you like to add to the list? Comment below, we & our readers are keen on knowing.

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